What locations do you ship to?2020-05-09T00:54:55-07:00

We ship across Canada!  Orders shipping internationally will not be accepted.

Do you ship plants year-round?2020-05-22T13:39:51-07:00

Our shipping season for live plants is from April to October.  All of the plants offered by Stemvy are tropical or subtropical and require temperatures above 10°C (50ºF) at all times during transit. On occasion, some orders may be delayed if the weather conditions in your area warrant that the shipment be held. This helps to ensure the survival of your new plant. Complimentary heat packs can be added to your shipment upon request.

We ship all orders excluding plants year-round.

How are plants packaged for shipment?2020-11-27T18:31:12-08:00

We do our best to ensure that your order arrives safely.  Prior to shipping all plants are inspected, and pruned if necessary. Your plant is then carefully packed bare-root using Spagmoss™ to protect the roots. Lastly, plants are individually wrapped in kraft paper and secured inside a box with natural biodegradable peanuts.

How can I estimate the arrival date of my order?2020-07-02T01:36:05-07:00

Please allow 1-5 business days.  The delivery time may vary depending on the method of shipping chosen, your location, seasonal holidays, etc. You will automatically be notified by email with tracking information when your order ships, allowing you to trace the shipment to its destination.*

*for orders including live plants, customers are expected to make the necessary arrangements to receive their package upon arrival. If you are unavailable for an extended period of time and would like your order to be shipped at a later date, please email us or include a note in your order to make arrangements. 

When will my order be shipped?2020-08-02T11:34:32-07:00

Please allow 1-3 business days to process your order.  Orders including live plants are only shipped on Monday and Tuesday to avoid delays. Plant orders placed after 10am PST Tuesday will be shipped the following Monday.

What if the package was damaged in the mail?2020-05-22T13:41:15-07:00

Contact us.  In the event that your order received was subjected to intensive shipping damage upon arrival, please email us your claim within 24 hours at orders@stemvy.com. Your email must provide clear pictures of the damaged products and the box, accompanied by your order #.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?2020-05-22T13:43:35-07:00

All plant sales are final.  Please see our Sales Policy for more information regarding returns on other products.

Can I pick up my order?2020-08-02T11:45:52-07:00

Yes!  We are located in Kelowna, BC. Please send us an email at orders@stemvy.com with your Order # for pick-up details and location.

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