Orchiata is a premier standalone growing substrate that can be used directly from the bag. Preferred by award winning growers worldwide, Orchiata offers a variety of benefits:

  • orchiata 40L bagpH balanced to eliminate the natural acidity of bark media
  • Contains beneficial micro-organisms for protection against plant pathogens
  • Does not accumulate salts reducing the need for flushing
  • Aged, not composted, allowing water and nutrients to be held while retaining hard structure
  • Does not break down minimizing the need for re-potting

Orchiata is a sustainable growing medium produced from the finest quality, 100% pure New Zealand Pinus radiata bark. Pinus radiata is sourced from renewable, man-made forests ensuring availability into the future.

Pinus radiata, and pine bark in general, is harder and more stable than fir based growing media – eliminating the need for frequent re-potting. What makes Orchiata unique is the proprietary aging process which results in superior performance when compared to raw pine bark. Orchiata’s aging process destroys pathogenic micro-organisms while at the same time promoting the formation of beneficial organisms such as Penicillium and Trichoderma. The outer surface of the bark is broken down, allowing it to hold water and nutrients for the plant, while the inner structure remains hard and stable. Orchiata gives consistent hydration, an ideal wet/dry cycle and provides excellent longevity.