Shipping tropical plants in cold weather can be risky. It is always advisable to check the forecast where your plant is shipping from, and where it’s going. If temperatures average below 5°you should not be shipping or receiving plants! Adding a heat pack is advisable during cold conditions but may not be adequate. If plants are in transit longer than expected, a heat pack may not last long enough. Choosing an express shipping method (1 or 2 days) with a guaranteed arrival date is highly recommended to avoid delays. If at any time during transit the temperature dips below 10°C you are most likely to receive stunted, cold-damaged or possibly dead plants. (Generally speaking, an ideal temperature range for most tropicals is 18°C to 24°C)

Use extreme caution when purchasing plants during the colder months in Canada (October through April) and have realistic expectations of the condition your new plants may arrive in.